Music is globally recognized as an art form. Yet, it transcends any definition that we might try to ascribe to it. Some say it is a harmonious mixture of pitch, rhythm and resonance. Others describe it as a melodious collection of sounds and silences. Geeks might even argue that it can merely be summarized as a transformation of sound waves by an analogue-to-digital converter. Music hence becomes very subjective; there is no right or wrong definition of what music might mean to different individuals.

Music forms part of each our unique identity. It is an affirmation of our belonging to one particular culture with respect to another. More than a means of communication, it is a form of expression – whether in joy or in sorrow. Through music, meanings, intentions, and emotions – including love – can be conveyed. The more incredible songs can even deliver some truly powerful messages. For instance, ‘Little Mix’, an all-girl group, has defined the hardships and fights-for-survival that some women face, through their song ‘Woman’s World’. Other songs such as ‘Strip’, ‘Salute’, and ‘Good Enough’ are empowering in nature; they broaden our outlook on human perspectives.

Music, however, is mostly a source of comfort. Being relaxing, soothing and pleasing, music relieves the stress of our frantic life – offering a solace that alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or even comfort food can never offer. Music is the escape worthy of both our body and our soul. Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons, and you will find that it is to the soul what the water bath is to the body.” I could not agree more.

Music can also be a life-saver. It is an effective remedy against depression and other illnesses – whether physical or mental. Taylor swift, famous American singer, opened up in the documentary ‘Miss Americana’ about how singing and songwriting have helped her out her struggles with eating-disorder and negative public opinions. As for the ‘Little Mix’ girls – who suffered from judgmental appearance criticism, anorexia, bullying, and physical assaults –, they united their strength and fought against the individual evils they faced through music.

I believe music is what connects people. It reveals our best sides; it strengthens us; it soothes us. More importantly, it is our freedom – allowing us to fly, follow our hearts and dream big. If I had to describe music, here is what I would say: music is only the thing that allows me to be myself….

Written by Luna