Heart of the Ocean

Heart of the Ocean

Lost in the Atlantic is the love story that everyone wants to live

Lost in her blue eyes was the first time he truly lived 

Making everyday count is what inspired them both 

Being guided by the stars was what gave them both comfort 

In the flare of hope, were the dreams he saw for them all 

Little did he know, she was the only one to live them all

The last sketch, she was for him

The last kiss he ever had 

In the middle of morse codes was where they bid their adieu 

In the middle of the deep is where his soul rest 

All she carried with her were the silly laughs in the heart of the ocean 

All she cherished was the sweet recollection of the 1912 Coupe de Ville in the accommodation 

His name she mentioned 85 years later 

His name she took 85 years before 

After all, le Coeur d’une femme est un océan de secret 

Soumayyah Gaujee