π Academy

At Phronesis, we believe that all students can be creators, doers and leaders. We educate and empower our Phronesis students to analyze, address and solve problems facing society and the world.
Our π (/paɪ/; spelled out as "pi") Academy uses two modalities: in-person and virtual. We leverage the latest technology to offer the possibility for our students to take classes from the best professors and universities in the world, in the comfort of their homes. Our in-person experiences allow students to collaborate and execute their projects.
Our wide range of educationally innovative opportunities, individual coaching sessions, SAT classes and experiences prepare our Phronesis students to increase their chances of getting scholarships to study at the top universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, among others.
In crafting our curriculum, we wanted our students to nurture their curiosity, discover new abilities and develop skill sets that will set them up for success at university and later in life.
Our curriculum requires students to complete courses across three divisions and three other requirements: Writing Skills, Difference and Equity and Quantitative/Formal reasoning.

Who We Are

Excellence and service are in our DNA. Every member at Phronesis is passionate about education, strategy, and execution.
Whether you’re aiming for Harvard, Yale, Princeton or other top universities, we’re experts from these same top US colleges you want to attend. Tirelessly, we’ll strive to get you accepted, with a scholarship. We’ll get you into your dream school because we’ve actually been there too. We’ve seen it all. And most importantly, we know how to get accepted.
Well, how to make you get accepted?Through pragmatic and result-oriented guidance, we will accompany you from Day One until your acceptance letter finally lands in front of you.
You haven’t quite sorted out that SAT question yet?No worries. We also offer SAT courses to ensure you ace your exam results.

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Core Courses

Writing Skills (WS) requirement: The goal of this requirement is to improve student writing proficiency across disciplines. Students in these courses will receive guidance on structure, style, argumentation, and other significant aspects of writing
Difference and Equity (DE) requirement: pi Academy recognizes that in a diverse and globalized world, the critical examination of difference, power, and equity is an essential part of a holistic education. The DE requirement provides students with the opportunity to analyze the shaping of social differences, dynamics of unequal power, and processes of change. Courses satisfying the DE requirement include content that encourages students to confront and reflect on the operations of difference, power and equity. They also provide students with critical tools they will need to be responsible agents of change.
Quantitative/Formal Reasoning (QFR) requirement: This requirement is intended to help students become adept at reasoning mathematically and abstractly. The ability to apply a formal method to reach conclusions, use numbers comfortably, and employ the research tools necessary to analyze data lessens barriers to carrying out professional and economic roles. The hallmarks of a QFR course are the representation of facts in a language of mathematical symbols and the use of formal rules to obtain a determinate answer

  • "Phronesis is a place where you can meet ambitious people with great mindsets. It offers a range of activities for self development and to go beyond our limits. Phronesis is also a community where one can learn and grow, alongside having fun with newly made friends!."

    Khushi Ramlowat

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Divisional Requirement 

Divisional requirement: Designed to ensure students take an appropriately diverse distribution of courses across the full range of the curriculum.
Courses are grouped into three divisions:
Division I: Humanities, Languages and the ArtsDivision II: Social SciencesDivision III: Science and Mathematics
Division I courses are designed to help students become better able to respond to the arts sensitively and intelligently by learning the language, whether verbal, visual, or musical, of a significant field of artistic expression. Students learn how to develop the capacity for critical discussion, to increase awareness of the esthetic and moral issues raised by works of art, and to grow in self-awareness and creativity.
Division II courses consider the institutions and social structures that human beings have created, whether knowingly or unknowingly, and which in turn markedly affect their lives. These courses are intended to help students recognize, analyze, and evaluate these human structures in order that they may better understand themselves and the social world in which they live.
Division III courses are intended to provide some of the factual and methodological knowledge needed to be an informed citizen in a world deeply influenced by scientific thought and technological accomplishment, and to cultivate skill in exact and quantitative reasoning

  • "I was able to explore and improve myself as a potential student and a person through Phronesis, their activities and their guidance. Their platform got me to the college of my dream so it definitely was money well spent. I gained skills I did not know I had through the activities, the counselling sessions with my consultant really motivated me to build on and prepare myself for the future as a university student. Phronesis provided me with the help I needed to become a well rounded student"

    Nidhi Sobrun

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Experiential Learning

pi Academy recognizes that experiential learning is a valued and integral part of the academic experience, enabling students to apply what they learned in the classroom. This experience can be acquired through a variety of means, including but not limited to internships, volunteer opportunities, independent projects, and research opportunities. We have a number of resources available to help students identify the experiential opportunity that best complements and enhances their intellectual and personal development

  • "Phronesis is a place where I've met hardworking and ambitious people with a clear vision of what they want to achieve. It allows me to participate in various activities which can help in character development as well. It's great and definitely recommended!"

    Kushi Damry