Phronesis Team

Excellence and service are in our DNA.
Every member at Phronesis is passionate about education, strategy, and execution.
An excellent education can change the world. Our mission is to help you find and nurture your passion. For we believe that getting you to your dream university on scholarship is the first step to make the world a better place.

Who We Are

Whether you’re aiming for Harvard, Yale, Princeton or other top universities, we’re experts from these same top US colleges you want to attend. Tirelessly, we’ll strive to get you accepted, with a scholarship. We’ll get you into your dream school because we’ve actually been there too. We’ve seen it all. And most importantly, we know how to get accepted.
Well, how to make you get accepted?Through pragmatic and result-oriented guidance, we will accompany you from Day One until your acceptance letter finally lands in front of you.
You haven’t quite sorted out that SAT question yet?No worries. We also offer SAT courses to ensure you ace your exam results.